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Why choose a leaderboard banner in one article on

Publishers choose the banner ad sizes they want to feature on their websites. If you pick the wrong banner sizes as an advertiser, you effectively limit the reach of your ad campaigns. Don’t worry. You are safe, because with our unique leaderboard banner in one article your ad will be visible on the best page you feel you belong to. E.g. your marketing a food product, you will reach your target audience by having a sidebar banner in an article about food. You will be right below of the article text. The Leaderboard Banners below of the articles are one of the most exciting locations on the entire website, as people will find your banner when they are scrolling down in a related article.

If you are spending any amount of marketing budget on display advertising, you’ll want to know which banner sizes are the most effective to generate impressions, clicks and ultimately sales. Our leaderboard banners are one our most popular  products because they are affordable and good value! If you order the leaderboard banner in one article, you can make sure will be visible. Spots will fill up fast, and we recommend you to order today to recieve the best location available! This is the place for you that want to be standing out!

Price includes: 30 days visible ad, unique location in one of the articles on
Extras: If you want us to produce a high quality banner for you we will only charge 5$ extra.

If you want photos in the ad, we will charge 10$ per photo.

If you want a HUGE BANNER, we also offer the formats 728 x 400 for only 20$ extra.

Format: 728 x 90 pixels

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$ 25,00 $ 5,00

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